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Monday, July 19, 2004
ATM etiquette and raccoons.

Donít you just hate it when its pitch black outside and you canít see a thing then all of a sudden you bump into a raccoon?  And youíre like:
ďOh sorry, didnít see you there.Ē
But, then you think for a second and you realize that asshole is nocturnal.
Now youíre like
ďHey, why donít you watch were youíre going buddy?Ē
Of course, Raccoons donít talk so youíd look rather silly.
Then again its pitch black and no one would know it was you.
So do whatever you want in that situation.

Much like bathroom etiquette, there is ATM etiquette.
When someone is using the ATM, you donít go into the ATM room.
Itís just common curiosity.
If you enter an ATM while you know someone else is in there using it you lose all privileges of living.  The other person who is being ATM violated gets the right to kill you and if the case may be any person waiting in the car for you.
The person in the car is also at fault because they can clearly be like
ďHey wait up for this dude.Ē
So if they neglect to do so, they are also at fault and deserve instant death.
Today some lady rushed into the ATM and then used the machine.
While I was standing there!
I was filling out a deposit form, but it only takes a minute.
She didnít even say anything.
Like a mind if I use it real quick.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.
If the law that I want to be established was in place at the time she would be dead.
And justice would be served.

Oh yeah and some kid at work wanted a Yankees helmet for his ice cream, well were all out so he just wanted a dark blue hat.
I gave him the Tigers.
(Incase you donít know the Tigers beat the Yankees today.)
Itís funny because
1. haha stupid kid.
2. I donít follow baseball, so how the hell did I know that?

Good luck and remember, donít use the ATM at night.
My mommy told me you could get robbed.
No, really she did.

Posted at 12:00 am by Mark


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